Inventory summer 2013

Please be aware that now stocks are changing daily and it is always a good idea to ring and ask to avoid being disappointed.

Easy Mover Trousers (were £24.50)

S/37 White£14.50
S/L Heavyweight black£19.50
S/L Turquoise£14.50

Cropped Trousers @ £15.50 each (were 22.50)

Size 10: Turquoise, Orange, Midnight Blue
Size 14: Orange, Turquoise
Size 16: Lilac

Bootleg Trousers £21.50 each (were £27.50)

Size 10 	Black: 1 unique pattern;	

Leggings £10.00 each

Size small full-length: black

T.Shirts bought-in and printed mainly each £10.00

T.Shirts, Sweatshirts etc. can still be ordered in some styles. Please ring for prices.

Small size:
Organic: 	Cream 	Fire Dragon  (Organic T.Shirts were £18.90)
		Cream 	Radiance (hand painted)
		Khaki 	Windhorse
Skinnifit	S Lilac RishiKesh

Normal 	10 	Lime 	Surya Namaskar
		10	Lime		Universe
		8	Pale Pink	Lotus	
		10	Burgundy	Chakra
		10	White		Egyptian Lotus
		10	Raspberry	Egyptian Lotus

Organic: plain cream
Skinnifit:	M	Orange		Windhorse
		M	Turquoise	Duality	
		M	Emerald		Duality		
		M	Lilac 		Rishikesh

Normal		12	Raspberry	Surya Namaskar

Normal		14	Black		Chakra
		14	White		Salute to the Sun

Normal	16 	White 	Flame Jewel
Normal	16	Black	Chakra

Organic		Khaki	Pale Blue	Tree (Hand Painted)

Normal 		18	Black	Chakra


M 	Black 	Chakra
L	Orange	Windhorse
M	Lilac	Moon and Stars  (this one has a Grecian neckline)

SWEATSHIRTS @ 12.50 (were 22.50)

S 	Orange		Duality
L	Grass Green	Yoga Postures
L	Black		Chakra
L	Pine Green	Large Om (Flame colours)
L	Lilac		Chakra
XL	Pale Pink	Long Lotus
XL	Terra Cotta	Wind Horse

CAMISOLE in plain white 	£3.00


T.Shirts at 12.50 (were 22.50 - 25.50)

Short Sleeve 14 Black Wind Horse 3/4 Sleeve 18 Turquoise Sleeping Dragon
Vests @ 11.25 (were 16.95)
12 Ocean Lotus Purple Dualty Black Tree Dance x 2 14 Purple Tree Dance Turquoise Lotus Black Tree Dance 16 Turquoise Tree Dance Black Lotus Midnight Krishna Floaty Vests @ 13.95 (were 23.95)
10 Orange Duality 12 Turquoise Water Dragon Floaty Tunics @ 19.50 (were 32.50)
12-14 3/4 Sleeve Black/Orange Poppy heads 16 Elbow Sleeve Black/Turquoise OM Crossovers @ 15.50 (were 29.50)
10 3/4 Sleeve Turquoise Tree Dance 14 Long Sleeve Black Magdalene Rose 14 Long Sleeve Turquoise Water Dragon SHIATSU TROUSERS These are still being made in the normal sizes at £24.50 each MEDITATION CUSHIONS New lightweight versio now available in the same colours as before and at the same price.